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Upgrade Your Priority

Plug priority into SMADAR 
an advanced digital archive
 to save plenty of time
in your organization

Digital Archiving and Digital Signature

All signed documents are saved and attached to Priority.

Digital Receipts via Email and Allocated Receipts

Email legally-approved digital receipts, along with all scanned invoices at the click of a button.

File Allocation and Email Sending Module

Insert all your files and emails from Outlook or the Desktop into Priority.

Stationary and Portable Digital Signing Surfaces

The client’s signature can be taken using Tablets or Smartphones - the documents will be automatically added as Attachments in Priority.

Automatic Billing Module

Automatically remind clients that their payment is due. Greatly optimizes billing within the organization.

OCR Module

Automatically opens and reads the Supplier Invoices and inputs the correct information into Priority.

Digital Signature Chain

Defines the Digital Signature Chain required for each supplier and type of invoice. An automatic “Missing Signature” report will be sent to all required signers.

Consumer Club Module

Save yourself legal disputes by digitally signing customers upon acceptance of receiving digital commercials.

Scan and Digitally Read Cheques

Greatly reduce time spent on manually inputting cheques into the system, instead quickly scan cheques and the program will input the information directly into Priority.

Print Barcode Stickers

Print barcodes of any type straight from the Priority screen with the click of a button.

Print Cheques Module

Print cheques on secure paper that is safe from forgery. Quick, accurate, cost effective and secure.

Digital Signature Recognition Module

Instead of checking each document manually, the program automatically checks and notifies you of any document that is not digitally signed.

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